Thursday, August 19, 2010

Story Time Begins - Yippee!

Our Story Time for preschoolers resumes again in September.  Story Time will run every Wednesday @ 10 am through mid December.  No registration is necessary.

Sept. 1 - Oceans - Come  make a splash with some great ocean tales and make a flying fish!

Sept. 8 - Pets - Listen to fun stories about lots of different kinds of pets and make your own pet.

Sept. 15 - Shapes - Explore the world with shapes.  We'll look at books that help tell a tale with shapes and make a picture using different shapes.

Sept. 22 - Farm Animals - We'll read some wacky tales about animals you'd find on the farm and decorate a rooster picture.

Sept. 29 - Fall Leaves - Celebrate the colorful fall season with some great stories and a fun fall tree craft.

Be sure to come and enjoy the fun!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Two Good Reads

I've seen this book being requested and checked out quite a bit so I thought I would give it a try and read it.  I like history and a good story and this was both. 

The book follows the life of Rachel, a young Hawaiian native, around the turn of the century.  Her life is tainted by leprosy, the lost of loved ones to that disease, plus the eventual contact of it herself.  As a young child Rachel is shipped off to Molokai, the Hawaiian island set aside as a leper colony. 

I was intrigued as the story unfolds of how Rachel survives despite her limitations and leads a life among the lepers of Hawaii. 

I highly recommend this as a good read, it's the kind of book that would make a great movie.

Another title I ran across lately is the 13th Tale by Diane Setterfield.  I simply loved this book.  It has the essentials I like to see in a good story, a bit of history, love, and mystery all well told and wrapped in a Victorian setting without the smothering vernacular.  The story enfolds the past and the present as a writer struggles to leave her last tale amidst the living...a tale of deception, love and mystery.  It is the 13th tale.

Hope you give these books a try!