Monday, February 16, 2009

A Single Thread

It's Jenny again. I recently read A Single Thread by Marie Bostwick and really liked it, so I thought I would give a brief overview of the storyline to maybe spur some interest in this well written and heartwarming tale.

The story is based around two middle aged female characters named Evelyn and Abigail. Evelyn is recently divorced and trying to forge a new life for herself in a quaint New England town. A spark of a dream encourages Evelyn to take a risk and step out into the business of owning a quilting store. A quilter for years herself, Evelyn stitches life not only into her business and community but also a network of friends that help each other through the rough seams of life.

Multi-millionaire Abigail, is thrown for a loop when her niece is sentenced to live with her for a year. Family grudges are exhumed and new bonds are formed through the simple task of living and quilting. Abigail grows, changes and softens to become a seasoned women who not only has good taste and style but has a warm heart as well.

I am not a quilter (yet) but really enjoyed this story and it inspired me to work at putting a little more community into my life and to be thankful for the influence of a good friend.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Traces WWII Traveling Bus Tour

~Coming Soon~

"Held In The Heartland"

Traces WWII Traveling Bus Tour
Monday March 2, 2009
3-6 pm.
@ the Colfax Public Library
During WWII the Midwest was home to approximately 250 prisoner of war camps. Tens of thousands of the 380,000 Germans imprisoned across the U.S. during WWII were held in the Midwest, part of the millions of Axis and Allied prisoners held across the world. These prisoners embody ageless and timely themes of war and peace, justice during times of war, human rights, international reconciliation and potential lessons for avoiding furture conflicts.
"Held In the Heartland" is housed in a bus made into a mobile museum with a 21-seat theather. This bus tour will illustrates the unknown story through narrative texts, artifacts & media.
Any questions call the library @ 715-962-4334, or email: For more website information click here.

Monday, February 2, 2009

It's Jenny

Hi, this is my first post on our blog. I'm finally getting around to doing a book review. Recently out, The Little Giant of Aberdeen County, is a book that revolves around the female character Truly. Truly is somewhat of an enigma. She has a pituitary gland disorder that causes her to continue to grow. Her growing up years and family life are riddled with difficulties. Truly finds herself connected to the Doctor of the town through circumstances not altogether to her liking. A bit of a treasure hunt ensues as she embarks to discover a secret from the past that she will use to deeply effect her and those around her.

This book is a well written first novel by author Tiffany Baker. I enjoyed the characters as she brought them to life. You almost feel as if you could really see through their eyes. This work of fiction however, raises some ethical questions that are not easily answered. I was disappointed in the way the author handles these issues and would hesitate to read her second novel because of that.

The Little Giant of Aberdeen County has original characters, small town feel, real feelings and some heavy questions. Click here to reserve your copy.